Application Forms

Some forms require your computer number. This number is stated on the ISSC-sticker, but can also be found in the file explorer. Go to Start and click Computer. The computer number is in lower left corner of the explorer, next to computer icon. 

Incident form

Incident form To report malfunction of ICT services or equipment
Request a new ULCN wachtwoord Request a temporary password
Apply for a guest account (GMS)  
Request for Linux home directory  For use from a Linux or dual boot workplace 

Data storage and restore


Workgroup storage

Request/modify storage for a work group (shared folder), including access rights

'Research data' bulk storage

Request/modify bulk storage for research data or multimedia, including access rights

Increase personal storage Increase of personal storage
Request data restore Restore corrupted or missing data
Request access SFTP-gateway  Access files on the university network via SFTP 

Shared mailbox 

Request/ modify a mailbox for a group of users

Email distribution list

Request/ modify an email distribution list

Request extension of email quota

Increase your mailbox storage

Adjust spam filter Allow or block specific email
Request for Mailman mailing list For management of mail subscriptions, for example for news letters
(Meeting)room registration in Outlook  Have a (meeting) room registered in Outlook, so it can be booked for a meeting. 

Sharepoint Teamsite


Request a Team site

Request a Team site (Sharepoint)
Increase quota of a Team site Increase storage of a Team site

Fixed and mobile telephony

Request a new telephone/number

New VoiP telephone/ number

Change display name

Modify display name of a phonenumber

Request a mobile phone subscription

Subscription to a mobile network
Request PIN reset of VoIP number Reset PIN of a VoIP number
Request a hunt or call pick up group Call pick up or a hunt group
Adjust traffic class Local, national and international telephony
Request for DNS-redirection  To change IP-addresses for your sub domain 
Request for web hosting Publish your website from an ISSC-managed web server


Workplace and hardware
Request a managed workplace For a managed workplace: desktop or laptop, if necessary with telephone.

Request unmanaged ICT-device, component or accessory

For unmanaged ICT-equipment, such as printer, pc, smartphone, tablet, monitor, keyboard, beamer.

Request a workplace move

Relocate your workplace
Request connection to research network  Connection to the research network of the Faculty of Science 
Request wired network access  Alternative to wireless network access (wifi) 
Register MAC address for wired network access

With wired network access: for devices where logging in is impossible. 


Workplace and software

Request software

Request software for your workplace

Request no shut down Disable auto shutdown of your workplace

Request for remote desktop connection

Remote access to your physical Windows workplace
Request for change of operating system  For another operating system on your workplace 
Request access SSH-gateway  Access (Linux terminal) servers on university network via SSH 

Request an open workplace
(Semi Managed) 

Self-manage your workplace, with limited ISSC support.

Request for Dropbox   

How to apply for (renewal of) a ULCN account

Temporary guests at Leiden University (for instance participants in a conference lasting more than one day) can only make use of the ICT facilities with a ULCN account. This requires registration in the Guest Management System (GMS). On the ULCN page with guest facilities, you can see which organisational units create guest accounts for which target groups, as well as these units’ contact details.

How do I receive an account?

What is my account period?

How can I apply for a guest account?
An external will be registered by their contact person of the unit concerned.


Last Modified: 04-04-2017