Remote Workplace

The NUWS Remote Workplace provides remote access to the following:

- Your data (personal drive, work groups and department shares)
- Your e-mail through Outlook 2010 *
- Some of the applications provided at your work place (such as Office 2010)

* Access to personal data does not apply for FWN yet

In order to use NUWS Remote Workplace, you must meet the following requirements:

1) An active ULCN account
2) A supported Operating System *
3) A functional web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome of Safari)
4) Citrix Receiver


1) If for a period of two hours there is no activity within the Remote Workplace, the Remote Workplace will close automatically and you will have to log in again to start new applications.

All the Citrix programmes (sessions) that were already open remain available so you can continue to work with them.

2) After 3 hours of inactivity all open sessions (such as Outlook or Word) will be interrupted.
Following these 3 hours you will have another 3 hours to restore the sessions in question before they are completely closed.

This means that you have 6 hours in total to restore a session, before your unsaved work is lost.

3) Because the Remote Workplace uses a seperate user profile, settings made on an NUWS workplace are not available in the regular workplace and vice versa.

4) All your local connected printers are also available in the Remote Workplace. It is also possible to add network printers in the Remote Workplace.

5) I have a Windows 8 Operating System and have multiple problems with the new Remote Workplace, what now?
Please update the Citrix software: Citrix Receiver

6) Problems using the Remote workplace from a Linux environment? Then try the alternative Java client: Go to and log in with your ULCN-name and password. The applications will run in a separate browser window.  

Supported Operating Systems

If your Operating System is not listed, please try to update your current OS.

Windows Mac OS Linux
XP 10.6 Ubuntu
2003 10.7 Debian
Vista 10.8 openSUSE
7 Fedora

User Manuals & Required Software

Operating System Required Software User Manual
Windows (32bit/64bit) Citrix Receiver Remote workplace with Citrix
Mac OSX Citrix Receiver Remote Workplace with Citrix
Linux Citrix Receiver Linux Terminal Server

Last Modified: 05-10-2016