On this page you will find how to install additional software, adding printers and more.

Basic Information

(recommended if you have no experience with Win 7) Web intro
Windows 7 - Basic Introduction Youtube Tutorial
Windows 7 for beginners - desktop + startmenu Youtube Tutorial
Windows 7 - Searching Files/Applications Youtube Tutorial
Windows 7 - ZIP and Unzip Files Youtube Tutorial

Your university workplace

Introduction manual User guide
Adding additional Fonts User guide
Printing or copying User guide
Changing display language User guide
Changing input language User guide
Installing additional software User guide
Restoring deleted files User guide
Windows File Explorer User guide
RSS Feeds export/import  

Your personal Windows desktop or mobile device

Wireless access Wireless access services Wireless access in University buildings
Exchange via mobile app  Configuring Exchange mail Configuring Exchange mail via a mobile mail app
Exchange via Outlook Configuring Exchange mail Configuring  Exchange mail and calendar in Outlook(2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007) on your personal Windows PC.
Remote Workplace  Remote Workplace via Citrix Access to Remote Workplace services via Citrix
  Solving remote workplace problems  You can often solve Remote workplace problems yourself

Remote Desktop

Windows 10

Remote Desktop Client Operate your desktop at the University from your own (home) PC with Windows 10. By request with this form.

Remote Desktop

up to Windows 8.1


Remote Desktop Connection Operate your desktop at the University from your own (home) PC with Windows up to version 8.1. By request with this form.
Other Encrypting external USB-drive  For safe storage of your important and personal files. 
SURFdrive Easily store, synchronise and share files via the secure and reliable SURF community cloud.

Last Modified: 07-09-2017